It takes a big heart to teach little minds

Meet our educators

Miss Sewell
Early Childhood Educator
Little Stars

  • Fluent in A.S.L
  • Loves dramatic play
  • Loves incorporating loose parts into learning activities
  • Inventive Story Teller
  • Trained in the Reggio Emilia approach
  • Enjoys incorporating BC’s Early Learning Framework into everyday activities

Ms. Papou
Human Resources
Early Childhood Education Assistant
Little Stars

  • Expirence with speech impediements
  • Training in special  needs care
  • Skilled at supporting families
  • Excellent at creating unique opportunities
  • Skilled in conflict resolutions

Ms. Ziola
Early Childhood Educator
Shining Stars

  • Encourages children to explore freely and connect to the natural world
  • Engages with children in conversations and encourage higher level thinking
  • Empathetic and understanding of each child’s individual needs
  • A dedicated educator

Mrs. Frederick
Early Childhood Educator
shining Stars

  • Graduate from Okanagan Collage ECE
  • Experience with special needs support
  • Basic ASL
  • Over 5 years of field experience
  • Skilled at family communication
  • Skilled at listening to the children and their stories
  • Mother of 2 young children

Ms. Oppenheimer
Early Childhood Educator
Super Stars

  • A dedicated educator
  • Loves creating
  • Messy play and activities enthusiast
  • Amazing at photos and video documentation
  • Excellent communicator

Mrs Reeves
Early Childhood Educator
Super Stars

  • Invitation play creator
  • Creative and capturing story teller
  • Messy play activity creations
  • History in many different Preschool settings
  • Inventive group time facilitator

 Ms. Dominick
Early Childhood Educator
Super Stars / Shining Stars

Position Definitions


An ECE is a Licensed Early Childhood Educator; this is someone with a whole diploma in Early Childhood; this is the successful completion of 8 university-level Early Childhood courses and three practicums. ECEs in BC need to renew their license every five years by having at least 40 hours of Professional development. An ECE is in charge of a classroom as the room lead(s), Teacher, or Educator in the room.


An ECEA has completed at least one of three university-level courses (Guiding and Caring Growth and Development or Health Safety and Nutrition). The ECEA certification can only be renewed two times and must be by taking one of the other three courses not already completed. An ECEA can be in charge of a classroom for a short period, such as during lunch breaks or subbing an ECE’s absence (for less than 30 days).

Our Fun-losophy

All children attending Raising Stars Preschool are treated equally and included in all activities and events regardless of ability, gender, race, or other barriers that may be present.

Raising Stars Preschool recognizes the importance of playful learning.

Children in our care learn through hands-on activities and experiences.

Children attending Raising Stars Preschool are encouraged to wonder and question. Learning topics are created from children’s interests, creating an early joy and excitement for school experiences.

At Raising Stars Preschool we believe that “A messy classroom is where the magic happens”! We encourage and let children make messes, explore and create to further their imagination, creativity, and self-expression.

Raising Stars Preschool Limited

Address: 3404 24th Street Vernon BC, Canada
Phone: (250) 938-7264
Hours: 8:30am - 6:00pm