BC Early Learning Framework

BC has an Early leaning Framework that the government recommends all facilities follow.

The BC Early Learning Framework, sometimes referred to as the BC ELF is followed at Raising Stars Preschool. The Early Learning framework works along side our Philosophy approach of a Reggio Emilia inspired Preschool. At its core the BC ELF promotes inclusive programs which help each child seek their fullest potential.
While there is a LOT to unpack with the ELF and how we following it daily at Raising Stars this page will give you a brief rundown of the four key living inquiries that are explored daily at Raising Stars Preschool. As well as some other important parts of the Early Learning Framework. If you want to learn more about the BC Early Learning Framework you can read the whole framework HERE.

Learning is something that requires relationships, these relationships are with the educators, the community, the materials and the classroom, similar to the believes of Reggio Emilia. The living inquiries are designed to be the best for a child’s development in the early year!

Living inquiries:

Wellbeing and Belonging:

Wellbeing and belonging is often competed by going outside, having outside activities or gross motor development activates daily. Connecting with the land is a cultural respect. Children share their experiences and belonging to the world through large motor actions and connecting with our earth and nature.

Engagement with others, materials, and the world:
Described by many in the field as being the sensory, social and science times. Educators create thought provoking questions and enquiries with materials where children can experiment with the world and materials around them!

Communication and Literacy:
Literacy in Preschool education is extremely important. With weekly trips to the library during the school year children at Raising Stars Preschool learn to respect books and gain an early excitement for literacy topics. Books are read daily in the classrooms and children are encouraged to speak freely and engage in conversation with peers and educators.

Identities, Social responsibility and Diversity:
Understanding and respecting cultures is an important part of any inclusive program. Learning our own social respect through music times and art times is important. Children learn to create and respect each others individual creations. We learn that we are all different and that is okay!

Pedagogical narration:

A large part of the Early Learning Framework is the use of Pedological Narration. A pedological narration is any form of documentation that documents to child’s interest, skills, children’s needs and developmental goals. there are several way in which a educator may do narration; they may do pictures/videos on our app (ClassDojo), do a documentation wall, have a development binder or all of the above. All teachers are different in how they choose to do pedological narration, please reach out to your childs teachers and ask how they are doing them if you are curious.

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