Position Definitions


An ECE is a Licensed Early Childhood Educator, this is someone with a whole diploma in Early Childhood, this is the successful completion of 8 university-level Early Childhood courses and 3 practicums. ECEs in BC need to renew their license every 5 years by having at least 40 hours of Professional development. An ECE is in charge of a classroom as the room lead(s), Teacher or Educator in the room.


An ECEA is someone who has completed at least one of three University Level courses (Guiding and Caring Growth and Development, or Health Safety and Nutrition)The ECEA certification can only be renewed 2 times and must be by taking one of the other 3 courses not already completed. An ECEA can be in charge of a classroom for a short period of time, such as lunch Breaks or while subbing an ECE’s absence (for less than 30 days).

Special Educational Assistant

A Special Educational Assistant is someone who has training in Special Education. Special education courses (sometimes called CEA or SEA) are a year-long University Course that focuses on children with a variety of differences both mental and physical. They are trained in everything from medical administration to special needs coping mechanisms. In the eyes of the BC government Special Education Assistants are under the classification of RA’s or Responsible Adults.