Children must be enrolled for a minimum of 2 days a week. This policy is in place to reduce the stress on a child, when enrolled for only one (sometimes even when enrolled in just two but with a large day gap in between) children can be stressed, upset, and even scared to attend preschool. Attending preschool back-to-back days or with only a day in between can help the child feel more comfortable in their class setting, and they will find it easier to gain social skills with peers.

There is an 80$ non-refundable registration fee to hold your spot, until this is paid no spot will be held for your child. We have 30 spots available at Raising Stars, of that 30 only 24 of those spots can be filled with full-time children.

Cheques must be paid in advance by predated checks given at the time of registration. Other forms of payment can be discussed but are not guaranteed.

We are closed for statutory holidays, and will send out a closure calendar at the start of each school year, or (if registering after the school year has started) at the time of registration).

*There is no fee adjustments for holidays, events, breaks, or for illnesses*

If at anytime your child needs to be withdrawn for any reason you must present this in writing one month before, or you may pay for the next month’s fees if you need to withdraw immediately.