Health and Saftey

At Raising Stars Preschool safety is our first priority. At all times we put the safety of the children first! We have many safety features in our centre to ensure your children’s safety!

  • Video doorbell, we will have visuals on who is at the door before we go to the door
  • Teacher-controlled Smart lock, remotely unlock open doors to prevent people from walking into the centre, and always maintain teacher-child ratios
  • Visual light fire alarms for children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing
  • Fenced yard play space, making sure children are unable to leave the yard without a teacher present
  • Children will wear safety vis vests at all times when outside of the centre
  • Children will walk using safety walking ropes at all times when walking outside of the centre

Health policies are important for all children in our care. Raising Stars Preschool is dedicated to maintaining your child’s health. Mental and physical health is important at Raising Stars!

  • There is no smoking, vaping, chewing Tabaco, or any smoke products on the premises of Raising Stars Preschool or on field trips.
  • Extra Sunscreen will be on site for children that forget/run out of sunscreen during sunny seasons (with parents’ permission)
  • Raising Stars Preschool is a peanut-free centre
  • Epipen on-site in case of emergencies
  • Staff are trained in First Aid
  • Nurse next door

Video Door Bell

Smart lock

State-of-the-art Fire Alarm system