Curriculum topics at Raising Stars Preschool from the fourth week of preschool on will vary year to year. Topics will be created by staff during a monthly staff meeting, topics are created based on what the children are showing interest in. These topics can be anything from space to fish to gardening, the children’s imagination is the limit! The topics will be sent out to parents as a calendar one or two weeks prior to the month starting, as well as posted on the school website and Classdojo. Our curriculum is built to help create an early excitement and enjoyment of school, as well as to help grow your child’s natural sense of wonder!
Raising Stars Preschool also has set letters, shapes, and colours as “Mini Focuses” each month, starting in October. September and June are busy months with the year start and end, therefore we do not have mini focuses on those months.
Our curriculum has a focus on creation and self-expression where children are free to customize and really make their creations their own. As this is proven to be the ONLY Developmentally Appropriate Practice for children aged 3-5.
(as supported by the National Association for the Education of Young Children, NAEYC)

Children will NOT be copying teacher examples or watching a teacher do the art step by step. There will be no worksheets at Raising Stars Preschool, except for the occasional questionnaire which the children will be free to answer as they wish.

First Three weeks (September):

Week TopicMon.Tue.Wed.Thur.Fri.
Week 1 Welcome to PreschoolNo School
Labour Day
Gradual Entry with Parents (2hr)Gradual
Entry without
(2 hrs)
First Full day of all programs!
(8:30am – 12:30pm for part-day children, 8:30am – 6pm for full-day children)
Regularly scheduled programs
Week 2All about me and my school
Week 3Preschool Safety

Monthly Mini Focus:


*Children will create winter holiday, Mothers/parents day, and Fathers/parents day gifts as part of the curriculum as well.