Behaviour Correction Plan

At Raising Stars Preschool we do not use the word “discipline”, instead, we teach children that actions can have “consequences”. At Raising Stars preschool, we understand that children are children, and can make mistakes the same as grown-ups do. Our Policies are designed with the children in mind. These policies are to help children’s self-esteem, problem-solving, positive self-talk, as well as relationships with peers and teachers.
At all times when staff is with children, they are to model appropriate behaviour, including language. This includes playing with children, demonstrating how to play, and appropriate use of materials. If behavioral challenges arise the teaching team will.

  • Ignore challanging behaviour when safe
  • redirect child to a new activity or one we know the child enjoys
  • Ask the child to take deep breaths
  • Give the child a sensory/quiet break

*A break is NOT a “time out”. A break could be a walk around the centre, a sensory bin, or a gross motor activity. This is not a timed activity but one to help a child calm down. The child will be in the direct line of sight of the staff at all times.

If behaviour continues to be a challenge our staff may ask to place a referral to a local resource, such as NONA or the Friendship centre. We are dedicated to helping children of all needs including those with behavioural needs.

However, if behavour continues to be a challenge, and/or is putting our staff and the other children at risk we may ask you in writing to find a centre better fit for your child and your family. This will be the last resort only.