Little Stars

Large windows & enclosed deck

Large windows featuring beautiful natural light! 
Little Stars has an attached patio deck that is fully enclosed for the children to access nature for select activities and times of the day while still being safe.
Our deck access has a roof; children enjoy watching storms, hail, and snow while staying dry. Our children experience these is a safe way!

Our Little Stars classroom is for children aged three years as of September 1st

Shining Stars

Large windows facing natural yard

Shining Stars Classroom features large windows facing onto the Adventure yard. Children get to experience the change of seasons at their height; all of the windows are to the children's height! 
With a home-like feel in this classroom, children excel in transitions. A home-like feel makes school separation easy and relaxing for the child!

Shining Stars is for children aged 3 or 4 years as of September 1st!

Super Stars

Largest classroom in the school

The largest of the three classrooms prepares the pre-kindergarteners for their kindergarten transition. Featuring a massive classroom with quiet cubby holes, a window to their height, and one above them, this classroom will get your 4 or 5-year-old ready for their kindergarten transition! While it is our largest room, we still only have ten children in the room at any time (8 in the afternoon for the PRESCHOOL + CHILDCARE program!)

Super Stars is for children aged 4 or 5 as of September 1st!

Indoor shared SPACES:

Sensory Room

Quiet and calm room for all

Raising Stars is proud to offer care for all children or all abilities! Some of our children have a harder time calming down, need some time away from the busy classes, or are our youngest Little Stars and need a seprate place to nap (Little Stars Only). Our sensory room is the perfect place to come with one of our educators to regulate our emotions, work on some fine motor, or sensory skills and just be alone (with a teacher of course!)
Our little stars get to use this space for nap time (if enrolled in PRESCHOOL+CHILDCARE option), creating a seperate and calming space to rest and nap in, away from the non-nappers!

Imagination Station

Childrens favourite room!

Living in the Okanagan means that we can have extreme weather that can prevent us from going outside. It can be too hot, too cold, too smokey, But it is understandable that regardless of weather you still want your child to have gross motor time, and time with friends. 
Raising Stars Preschools offers an incredible indoor play space, our Imagaination Station a choice favourite of all our rooms. Our imagaination station is used all year long as a safe alternative to gross motor outside play!

Outside Play Spaces:

Adventure Yard

Bikes, Cars, Sandbox, Mud & more!

Our Adventure yard is our main play yard! We have created a space where kids can be kids while still focusing on development of the whole child!
One thing that sets us apart is that we have two small hills on our walking, running and riding track around our yard. Having a hill to learn to peddle up or run up develops muscles that may not be challanged as much as others.
Our yard is contantly changing with the seasons, during the snowy months we have a winter wonderland with snowman and sleeding. During the Summer we bring out water and mud play, allowing the children to go bare foot and explore the natural world arround them! Our Adventure yard is located in the back of the preschool, completely secure from neighbours and traffic creating a safe haven for children to be themselves and play!

Nature Yard

natural experiences

Our nature yard is a smaller yard in our front by our entrance. This yard is created to offer smaller natural risky play experiences. With logs that the children roll themselves, jump off, to each other and create full scripts of play with the logs. A gravel pit creating a different textured digging experiences than sand. And several exciting ride on toys such as our inch worm or child-sized tractors! 
Our nature yard is where we do several exciting experiences during the year such as Volcano eruptions, or our annual butterfly release!

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